Beyond Mere Threads

Young Adult (Fantasy) - Querying

An awkward teenage boy stumbles into a conflicted magical realm where he must fight or flee a cruel sorcerer threatening the realm…and his own world.

The Boy & His Dragon

Chapter Book (Fantasy) - Querying

Wild imagination or not, when Nigel tells his parents he captured a dragon, they just might want to believe him.

Bully in a China Shop

Middle Grade (Fiction) - Querying

A tormented middle school tween must choose to fight, flee, or forgive the bully haunting him in fourth period Phys Ed class.

No Chore a Bore

Chapter Book (Fiction) - Querying

M.A. Hickinbotham is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work Beyond The Fog. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.

Crystal Clear

Young Adult (Contemporary Fantasy) - Work In Progress

A teenage boy with a propensity for magic befriends an elderly crystal vendor, but who is she, and why do his parents warn him to stay away from her?

I Want to Do That, Too!

Chapter Book (Fiction) - Work In Progress

A collection of short stories about children from different races and cultures daydreaming about what they want to do when they grow up.

In His Majesty's Service

Chapter Book (Fiction) - Complete

A knight on a king’s quest falls victim to one catastrophe after another, only to find that his failures are not what they seem.

Wait, I'm Adopted?

Chapter Book (Fiction) - Work In Progress

An 8-year-old Native American girl learns of her adoption and explores her heritage…just in time for her class State History report.


Forgive...and Forget?

Chapter Book (Fiction) - Work In Progress

A terrifying car accident challenges a tween boy to despise or forgive the texting driver who put him in the hospital…on his birthday, no less.

Gnome is Where the Heart Is

Adult (Contemporary Fantasy) - Work In Progress

An elderly writer in the English countryside suspects his garden gnomes are more than just idle statues, but what does he do when his prying neighbor learns his secret?

So Alike and So Different...Awesome!

Middle Grade (Fiction) - Work in Progress

Embracing not only their similarities but also their differences, two best friends explore each other's culture at Bar Mitzvah and Kwanzaa celebrations.

The Thanksgiving Wish

Adult (Fiction) - Complete

A waitress at a Midwest town diner is challenged when a homeless man seeks warmth at one of her booths…on Thanksgiving, of all days.