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About M.A. Hickinbotham

I was born at an incredibly young age, and my journey as a writer began shortly thereafter.  One of the chief catalysts was reading, something I’ve done avidly since kindergarten.  From library checkouts, garage sales, and Weekly Reader book clubs to Scholastic book fairs, trades with friends, and stores at the mall, I devoured everything I could get my hands on.  Even audiobooks on vinyl and (later) cassette became part of my collection.  Were I to list my favorites—yes, I remember them all—this bio would take up the entire website.  Likely I will list them in my blog.

My writing began in fourth grade with short stories, ones I typed on my Mom’s IBM Select III electric typewriter.  I even took some to school and got to read them to the class.  Then I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy novels, and the rest is history.  Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but the fantasy genre played the biggest part in shaping who I am and fueling my imagination.  Initially, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Piers Anthony, and Lloyd Alexander had the most profound impact on how I saw the world.  (Later years would see Stephen Lawhead, J.K. Rowling, Jenny Nimmo, and John Flanagan adding to that list.)  That affected the games I played—outdoors with friends and on the tabletop—what I watched, and definitely what I read and wrote.  Sure, I still wrote poems, short stories, articles, plays, etc., but fantasy was my passion.

Fast-forwarding to the present, fantasy is still my main literary addiction.  The world-building and writing of my young adult fantasy novel Beyond Mere Threads is a story in itself.  It became my baby—my main work in progress through many a writers’ guild meeting, writers’ retreat, Creative Writing college class, and late-night writing frenzy at work.  I even had the honor and thrill of getting Piers Anthony to be a beta reader/reviewer.  Pop over to my Writing section to see my completed books and works in progress, which include children’s stories (chapter book and middle grade) and a young adult contemporary fantasy novel.

Apart from all that, I’m a happy family man, military retiree, Tolkiendil, astrophotographer, Trekker, musician, composer, Whovian, singer, gamer, Dungeon Master, didgeridoo player, Half-Elf bard, rock/crystal collector, space aficionado, maker of smoothies, rennie/con participant, dragon/gnome lover, Ravenclaw, and coffee/tea addict.