M.A. Hickinbotham

Author.  Bookworm.  Eclectic.

Probably before I was even weaned off the bottle, I fell deeply in love with reading and listening to audiobooksyou know, those vinyl discs with a turn-the-page chime and a flimsy book.  My passion for writing quickly followed suit, and it's been all apple and orange Skittles ever since...well, mostly (read all the gory details in my bio).

For writing and publishing updates, thoughts-on-life tirades, and creative writing tips, dig into my blog).  To see what I've written and what's still brewing in the laptop, take a gander at my writing.  For any writers out there, I hope you find something useful (book, website, or software) in my resources.  To see what a big kid I am, pop over and peruse my photos.  Finally, I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

“Take the tapestry, for example.  It requires every thread—each its own color and in its precise location—to form the image.  If the threads were to say, ‘I want to be that color, not this one,’ or ‘I want to be in the middle, not the corner,’ the image would fall into chaos.  It would collapse.

     “There is nothing wrong with striving to improve.  But embrace how you were created.  Who you are.  Where you ended up.  What you have to offer.  Then be the absolute best at it.  Perhaps one day you will see how your being yourself helps complete the picture.”

Daelyn, Beyond Mere Threads